Sde Dov Airport

Tel Aviv Central airport

Sde Dov Airport

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In 1937, the mayor of Tel Aviv Israel Rokach asked the British Mandate authorities for permission to build an airport in Palestine, promising to solve the transportation problem of Jews during the Arab Revolt of 1936 – 39 when travelling around the region by ground was difficult and dangerous. Work began on a plot of land north of the Yarkon River Tel Aviv in 1938 and once completed, the airport served regular flights to  Haifa. In 1940, the airport’s name was changed to Sde Dov, in memory of Dov Hoz one of the pioneers of Jewish aviation.

In the 1948 Arab-Israeli war the airport served as a base to the Israeli Air Force. It was a central base, home to 21 aircraft at the time. The first military flight was made in December, 1947, when Pinchas Ben Porat flew to Beit Eshelto rescue an injured soldier.

The airport will close at some point in the future after an agreement was made re-purposing the land  for luxury residential apartments. Commercial flights will move to Ben Gurion Airport near the city of Lod, southeast of Tel Aviv.

Specials groups wishing to arrange tours to the Visitors Center, can do so, at no cost. The route of the tour will be coordinated in advance according to the needs of the group.

To arrange for a tour of Dov Hoz Airport, send a fax to 03-699-2766 stating the  date, the number of visitors and the age of the participants





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