Haifa Airport

Israel's North Coast, international airport

Haifa Airport

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The airport is named after Uri Michaeli, one of the pioneers of Jewish aviation and one of the founders of aviation in Israel. The airport has one runway, and there are plans to expand it onto reclaimed land in the Gulf of Haifa.

Haifa Airport was established in 1934 by the British in as the first international airport in Israel.  The airfield answered the needs of the British Army in the Land of Israel and the joint Iraqi British oil company (APS).

Haifa was seen by the British as the most important industrial and commercial center of Palestine.  Based on this they developed the bay and established oil refineries, an Electric Corporation power station, the Haifa Port Authority and the airport.

The airport houses the Technical School where a collection of the Air Force’s historical planes from the War of Independence to the present is on display.

Of the three takeoff and landing runways in the airport, only two are still in existence, and only one is currently used for takeoff and landing.

In 1936 regular air routes to Beirut and Cyprus were opened, and in 1938 a regular air route to Europe and Italy was opened.  In addition, civil air charters operate at the airport to other destinations overseas.  In 1938 a third of the flights into Israel landed in Haifa.

1940-1948:  Civil flights were stopped due to the Second World War and British involvement.

1940-1945:  The airport served as part of the Royal Air Force’s means of operating in the Middle East throughout World War II.  Later, the airport served the Israeli Air Force.

1948:  The Cypriot airline Cyprus Airways was the first company to renew regular flights to Israel.  In 1958, Arkia renewed flights, followed by Israir in 1996, Aeroel in 1998, followed by Royal Wings from Jordan and Scorpio from Egypt.

April 1998:  A new terminal opened to provide all the services required of an international airport, including:  border control, customs and duty free shops.



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